MOVING COLORS is an International Contemporary Dance Festival for children and young people that was first staged in September 2019, for 3 days, at Roes Theater.

The festival aims to bring young audiences into contact with the fascinating world of contemporary dance and movement, through innovative performances that fuel their imagination and emotion, as well as to enrich their exposure to, and experience of, the art of Dance.

Drawing from its cooperation and interaction developed over the years with festival counterparts abroad, as well as with the European dance network Aerowaves, Dan.c.ce Unitiva presents to the young public of Greece – and their entire families – a series of works created by young, Greek and foreign, up-and-coming choreographers, with a fresh and modern outlook, that open up new worlds through both reality and imagination.

The Festival does not present “children’s” dance performances, but rather pieces of contemporary dance with themes and content that are primarily aimed at people aged 8 to 20, thus mainly addressing children and teens.

Reaching out to the younger generations, and developing a dialog today with the potential viewers and creators of tomorrow, on the one hand helps to develop and expand the perceptibility of young people and, on the other hand, encourages creators to produce works that enrich the dance scene targeted at young audiences, a part of creation that is currently not receiving the attention it deserves.

To date, MOVING COLORS is the only contemporary dance festival in Greece that is aimed exclusively at young audiences.


Children and young audience from 13 – 17 years old.
Adults of all ages.


All children must be accompanied by a guardian who is responsible for their safety.


The International Festival Moving Colors Youth Dance Festival is coming back to our city with new performances selected especially for our teenage audience. Performances that speak of love, eternity, heroism and the explosive energy that hides in our own body.

For two days at the Roes Theatre, 4 dance performances from Greece, Belgium, Italy and France will spark our imagination move us through intense variations of shapes and meanings.

On Saturday, 4th of December, Adriano Bolognino’s Gli Amanti is inspired by the “lovers” of Pompeii – two bodies embracing each other, while the ‘Hero of Sofia Mavragani tells us his own inexplicable story!

The evening on Sunday, 5th of December, starts with Mellina Boubetra’s INTRO. The unison of this female trinity is constantly moving through precise movements, imbued with naturalness, in dialogue with an electronic music that constantly evolving.

The festival closes with the work BEAT “I just wish to feel you”. Everything in life exists thanks to energy waves. These vibrations create the rhythms that lead us and make our heart beat. We share the same rhythm, the same pulse, we are connected through movement and touch. But what happens when the “beat” disappears?

We will be waiting for you on 4th and 5th of December at Roes Theatre to discover together these worlds that only dance can narrate in such a unique way!