Sofia Mavragani

The Hero


A solo based on the concept of “hero” as a historic figure and as an outcome of human invention. Setting out from the question whether heroes are the result of imaginative fiction or reflection of the society in which they are created, the creation of The Hero is based on case studies ranging from ancient archetypal heroes of mythology to modern-day superheroes of the comic book era.

With a wry and playful attitude as to the very concept of the heroic, a multimodal hero invites us to join him on a scenic journey, ultimately recounting his own inexplicable story.

Sofia Mavragani creates dance pieces that allude to play, emphasizing the sense of humor. What she mainly explores through her work is the very identity of performance. She experiments with its ingredients and boundaries, altering the terms that define it and introducing elements that are unpredictable and variable.


Concept, Creation: Sofia Mavragani
Interpretation, Co-creation: Nontas Damopoulos
Music Composition: Antonis Palaskas 
Dramaturgy Consultant: Miranda Manasiadis
Costume: Pavlos Thanopoulos 
Lighting Design: Vassilis Klotsotiras
Assistant Choreographer: Drosos Skotis
Photos: Despina Spyrou
Production: FINGERSIX


Sofia Mavragani was born in Athens, in 1978. She studied choreography/dance making at ArtEZ University of the Arts (Arnhem, NL), and Business Administration at the Athens School of Economics and Business. Her works have been presented in Greece and abroad: Athens Epidaurus Festival, Megaron: the Athens Concert Hall, Aerowaves 2019, Documenta 14, Arc For Dance Festival, Kalamata International Dance Festival, Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival, Dimitria Festival, MIRfestival, State Theatre of Northern Greece, Dance Days International Festival (Chania), Apollon Theatre (Syros), Τeatro Belisario (Buenos Aires), etc.

She develops projects on improvisation and composition, such as:

BREAKING ART workshop on creative collaboration between young choreographers and musicians-composers; imPROject research on stage improvisation; playforPLACE research project on performing arts and artistic collaboration, which has been realized in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Oceania.

She teaches dance improvisation and choreography in dance schools and dance centers in Greece and abroad.

She is a founding member of Fingersix international artistic network, and of Fingersix/Athens. Aerowaves Twenty19 Artist.