ETRA | Mellina Boubetra



A female trio slowly starts a silent conversation on stage; without any words, their bodies being their only way to communicate. All driven by gradual electronic beats, this choreographed speech takes form and becomes ever more intense, to finally talk to us frankly. As identities reveal and shape the exchange, our self-consciousness evolves and introspection is made possible.

In the words of Mellina Boubetra: “I want to show a danced conversation, in which the body is the only reflection of our introspective journey. The choreography alludes to the characteristics of a dialogue or an (internal) monologue. I want to explore the intimate, almost intrusively, in order to catch the origin of the movement when it’s not designed to be seen. An authentic expression of the mind by the body.”

Her general approach to dance and choreography is summarized by her as follows: “What interests me most about choreography is creating spaces where one can enjoy, as an actor but also a spectator, the malleability of the body. I am always fascinated by the infinite variations of shapes and meanings, but also of the links that it can create with others, in a very natural way. I make a point out of making everything that surrounds us, that composes us, a solid support for movement, involving, at the heart of creative processes, a real sense of observation. It’s a translation job.”


Choreography: Mellina Boubetra
Performers: Mellina Boubetra, Katia Lharaig, Allison Faye
Lighting Design: Fabrice Sarcy
Lighting Manager: Benoit Cherouvrier
Music Creation: Patrick De Oliveira
Production: ETRA company
Delegated production: Art-Track company

Co-production: 2018 HIP HOP GAMES Prize, IADU Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines – La Villette | Le Flow – City of Lille | Summer Dance Forever – Holland | Victor B company and Lezarts Urbains – Belgique | National Choreographic Centre of Roubaix – Leadership of Sylvain Groud as part of l’Accueil Studio | National Choreographic Center of La Rochelle – Kader Attou | Pôle Pik – Bron | National Choreographic Centre of Créteil and Val-de-Marne – Käfig company – Leadership of Mourad Merzouki as part of l’Accueil Studio | 2020 Danse élargie | L’Avant-Scène – Colombes Theatre
Supports: French Institute | ADAMI | Île de France DRAC | Ministry of Culture
Awards: 2018 Hip Hop Games Prizewinner | 2018 Trans’urbaines Prizewinner | Winning show of the 2019 Choreographic Competition NCC of Créteil and Val-de-Marne – Kalypso Festival Prize | 2019 Label Passerelles


Mellina Boubetra started dancing in a youth and culture center in Colombes, where she is originally from. She discovered hip-hop at a very young age and met her teacher, Mohamed El Hajoui, who decided to start a duo named Second Souffle. In 2006, they began their career together in choreographic shows.

After several years of studying Βiology, in 2015 Mellina decided to devote herself to dance, entering through the “gate” of All Styles Battles and gradually turning towards creation.

In 2016, she joined the company Des pieds au mur of John Degois for the show De bois et… In 2017, she joined Andrew Skeels for the piece Finding Now and, in 2018, the company Dyptik for Le Cri. Parallel to her roles as a dancer, she founded the company ETRA. Her first creation, INTRO, saw the light of day in 2019, and obtained the Passerelle label, the NCC (National Choreographic Centre) of Créteil award, and the Trans-urban stepping-stone and 2018 HIP HOP GAMES award (international competition).

Supported by the DRAC (Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate) of Ile-de-France and ADAMI (the French performing artists’ union), the piece is currently on tour, alongside her second creation, RĒHGMA (created in 2021). She has also joined Régine Chopinot and the Cornucopiae company for the play Deuxzérodeuxdeux scheduled for 2022.